Grade 12 Student Parking Policy Contract & Map

NOTE:  This year there are over 250 Grade 12's and only 70 student parking spots.

This Parking Permit gives me the right to park in the Okanagan Mission Secondary School (OKM) student parking lot only, but it does not give me the right to a parking spot. Student parking allocations are done on a 'first come, first served' basis, and if there are no parking spots available then I will have to park legally somewhere, other than at OKM, at my own risk.

I will not park in the Staff Parking Lot or the Visitor Parking Area, or in a Fire Lane or other traffic corridors. I recognize if I park improperly I may be towed without warning at my own expense.  I understand that towing may cost approx. $150.00 to $200.00.

** I acknowledge my understanding by placing my initials here: X                     


I, the undersigned, do agree that by signing this Parking Policy Contract I understand:

  • That I have a valid "N" Driver's Licence.
  • The Okanagan Mission Secondary School Student Parking Pass is the property of Okanagan Mission Secondary School. 
  •  That Parking Permits are for Grade 12 students only and may not be given, lent, or sold to any other person. Doing so will result in my parking permit being revoked for the year.
  • That School District #23 and Okanagan Mission Secondary School are not responsible for damage done to vehicles in the school parking lots.  I park at my own risk. 
  • That I must display my Parking Permit on my rear-view mirror at all times when parked in the Student Parking Lot in order to make it visible from outside the vehicle. Otherwise it may be  towed
  • That my Parking Permit may be revoked if: a) I am involved in the duplication or forgery of Parking Permits, b) I do not follow safe driving practices at all times, c) I consume alcohol, smoke, or vape in my vehicle while on school grounds, d) I make the parking lot a mess – litter, etc. 
  • That while in my vehicle on school grounds, I will abide by the OKM Code of Conduct. 
  • That I will not "hang out' or loiter in my car or the parking lot during instructional time, break time, or the lunch hour. 
  • That I will not play loud music that may upset the learning and working atmosphere on campus. 
  • That my vehicle may be towed should I violate any aspect of this Parking Policy Contract. 
  • That my Parking Permit may be revoked should I violate the terms of this Contract. 
  • That if I should lose, or have my pass stolen, a replacement parking pass will cost $10.00. 
  • That violations of the OKM Code of Conduct may result in further action by the school. 
  • That the information on the back of this contract is accurate to the best of my ability.  (Vehicle & Driver Identification)

Parking Lot Picture.JPG