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​​OKM Staff and Student Parking

1) Parking in the OKM parking lot is for staff and Grade 12 students only. 

      Grade 11 students are not permitted to park in the parking lot during regular school hours.

2) There are 8 visitor and Operations parking spots, including three wheel-chair accessable spots, near the front entrance.  

3) All staff, students, and visitors must display a parking pass at all times while parked during school hours.  Temporary visitor     parking passes are available at the front office.

4) Grade 12 student parking pass are free (replacements cost $10.00).  Grade 12 students will need to sign a Grade 12 Student Parking Policy Contract to get a parking pass.

OKM Student Parking Contract.pdf

5) Parking for Grade 12 students is on a first-come first-served basis.  A Grade 12 parking pass gives the student the right to park in the student parking area of the lot, it does not give the student a right to a parking spot.  Students who cannot find a place to park in the parking lot will have find a legal parking spot on the street in the surrounding neighbourhoods. 

The map below indicates areas of parking and no parking:

OKM Parking Zones.PNG