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OKM Administration

PRINCIPAL: Vince Hunter
VICE-PRINCIPAL (grades 9-12 with surnames A-K):  Graham Johnson​
VICE-PRINCIPAL (grades 9-12 with surnames L-Z):  Stephanie Gerber


Great teaching is more than just a profession; it is a multifaceted belief that embraces the intricate challenges posed by the diverse needs of all learners. It embodies a commitment to not only the 21st-century students, teachers, and parents but also to every community member who influences or is influenced by the youth of today.

At OKM, our staff's commitment goes beyond mere education; it's about nurturing the very essence of a student's creativity and imagination. We strive to offer authentic and meaningful experiences that captivate the mind, inspiring a sense of wonder and exploration.

We firmly believe in embracing diversity and celebrating the individual talents that each learner brings to the table. This is achieved through mutual support and collaboration among colleagues, creating an environment that is highly responsive to educational growth.

Empowerment lies at the heart of our approach. Through a holistic perspective, we foster collaboration and inclusion, building respect and trust among students, teachers, and families. Our commitment to integrity and honesty lays the foundation for authentic relationships that harness the strengths and gifts of everyone involved.

Compassion and dedication are our driving forces. Our educators exemplify a personal commitment and an unwavering passion for education, with a vision that extends to the future of our students, our community, and society.

As educators, we not only impart knowledge but also share our personal passion for this noble undertaking. Accessibility, transparency, and active participation in the learning process are key components of our approach. We believe in creating an environment dedicated to lifelong learning, one that extends far beyond the confines of our school walls.

Central to our beliefs is an unshakable faith in the potential of every learner. We are dedicated to enhancing the learning experience by tailoring it to everyone's unique talents. By fostering an authentic, meaningful, and personalized school environment, we are reshaping the minds of our students and encouraging their creative spirit to thrive.

Above all, our integrity defines us. We remain humble in our work and committed to our community. ​

In unity and dedication,

Vincent Hunter