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École Okanagan Mission Secondary
Excellence Through Effort
Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

The mission of Okanagan Mission Secondary School is to provide, in partnership with parents and the community, a broad, educational experience in a safe environment where students are encouraged to become self-directed, adaptable, confident, responsible citizens who value learning as a life-long pursuit.

Our Cultural Values:

  • Honesty is the building block for relationships and the basis for trust. It is the absence of falsehood and the action of full disclosure. It is the ultimate test of moral strength. When honesty is present, integrity will also be apparent.
  • Responsibility is being accountable for our actions and their consequences. When we demonstrate responsibility, we are doing our best to meet the expectations of ourselves and others.
  • Respect is "to consider worthy of high regard". Being respectful is an attitude of honouring people and caring about their rights.
  • Empathy is a feeling of concern, compassion and understanding of another's situation or feelings.
  • While recognizing individual situations and differences, Fairness is ensuring impartiality where everyone plays by the same rules.