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Assessment and Reporting

​Background & Purpose

Over the past 5+ years, teachers across Central Okanagan Public Schools have been exploring alternate, more timely, and more meaningful ways to communicate student learning to families. Recently, the BC Ministry of Education released a new K - 12 Student Reporting Policy Framework. This new Framework provides our district an opportunity to build off our collective learning on student reporting and to create more alignment and consistency across all our schools. Our primary purpose of ongoing student reporting is to effectively communicate learning with families to highlight where students are at in their learning, what their next steps are, and how families and teachers can work together to support students in their ongoing learning journeys. 

Written Learning Updates

Written Learning Updates (formally called report cards) are Ministry-required learning updates that are provided to families throughout the school year as another way that teachers inform families around student learning progress.  Students and families can except to receieve four written learning updates over the course of the year which highlight student growth over time and provide information on next steps in learning.

Learning Progress Continuum, Letter Grades & Percentages

Grade 9

​The 4-point Learning Progress Continuum, is a Ministry requirement in K-9.  Along with descriptive feedback, it is used to support learning throughout the school year. The four stages of the continuum are as follows:

Learning Progress Continuum (K-9).png

Grades 10-12

Letter grades and percentages are required on all Written Learning Updates in grades 10-12. Below is an overview description of each letter grade and percentage range:​


Student Self-Reflection of the Core Competencies and Goal Setting

In the new K-12 Student Reporting Policy, each Written Learning Update must include information on student self-reflection of the Core Competencies and student goal setting (including where families can learn more about their child’s learning in this area).
Process is significantly more important than product when it comes to this requirement. Through ongoing self-reflection and goal setting within the Core Competencies, students gain greater ownership and agency in their learning. At OKM, students will be reflecting on their core competencies throughout the year in each of their curricular areas and will be provided time monthly to compile their learning to show growth over time.

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