Core Competencies

"The Core Competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need in order to engage in deep, lifelong learning. Along with literacy and numeracy foundations, they are central to British Columbia’s K-12 curriculum and assessment system and directly support students in their growth as educated citizens." (

Our grade 10-12 students will actively utilize and reflect upon their core competency skills as part of their regular course work. Our grade 9s will do the same and will also complete a self-reflection at the end of the year, in conjunction with their final report card. In order to prepare for this, they will complete a mid-year reflection process, as described below.

January 2021 Core Competency Activities

All grade 9 students are expected to be in attendance on January 29th, in their regular quarter 2 78/ and 5/6 classes. During these classes, students will have the opportunity to complete some learning activities connected to the Core Competencies. Below you will find the slide deck used to facilitate the lesson, as well as the google form students completed as their mid-year check in. It is expected that all grade 9s will complete this form, as it will be referred to in their year-end activities.

1.  Slide Deck (pdf version)

2. Mid-Year Self-Reflection Google Form ( you will need to send this link to your students/post it on your google classroom, etc…)

June 2021 Core Competency Activities

All grade 9 students will complete their year-end Core Competency Reflection with their block 7 teacher between June 1st and 18th. 

Here is the letter sent to parents:

1.Parent Letter June 2021.pdf

Here is the information that teachers will be using:

1.June 2021 Year End Core Competency Slide Deck.pdfof lesson activities

2. June 2021 Grade 9 Core Competency Completion Lesson.pdf

3. Year-End Core Competency Reflection Google Form

This form must be completed by June 18th. The information recorded by students will be communicated home during the final week of June.