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Taking Online Courses

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Taking Online Courses While Enrolled at OKM

École Okanagan Mission Secondary School does NOT offer online courses.  Online courses are available through several providers in the province.  Information on these programs can be found at:


Students who choose to take one or more courses online while enrolled at OKM assume full responsibility for their progress and communication with their counsellor as it pertains to their graduation plan.  Before registering for an online course, please understand that:

  • It is NOT OKM’s responsibility to advise or register students in online courses. Choosing to take an online course is a family decision.

  • OKM will NOT monitor your grade or progress. You must check your own progress online to ensure you are not falling behind or failing the course.

  • Parents/Guardians, you are responsible for managing and monitoring your child’s progress.

  • It is important to understand that online schools might not communicate directly with counsellors which makes it challenging to monitor your graduation progress if the course is a graduation requirement.

  • Post-secondary institutions may not accept all online courses for admission. They also have timelines of when certain courses need to be completed if the student hopes these will be included in their admission decisions. It is your responsibility to know what these are.

  • If you drop an online course, space and timetable limitations may restrict your options to take the same course in a class at OKM.

  • It is your responsibility to let OKM counsellors know if you don't complete the course and want to take it again the following year at OKM.

  • Upon completion, it is your responsibility to check and make sure the mark is recorded on your transcript and communicate with the online provider if there are issues.

  • It is your responsibility to contact the online provider if there are issues with the course, the teacher, the grading, etc. OKM can’t have these conversations on your behalf.

To facilitate the communication and ensure that students and families are aware of the above expectations, once you have registered for an online course through LearnNowBC, please complete the following form and submit it to your counsellor:

OKM online form PDF.pdf