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Course Add/Drop

OKM Academic Schedule 2023-2024

Course Change/Add/Drop/Withdrawal Schedule

This document outlines OKM's school procedures regarding course changes and withdrawals.

It is OKM's belief that students who maintain a full and broad course schedule, and who fully participate in classroom learning experiences will be best prepared for post-secondary life and future educational experiences.  As such grade 10’s and 11’s are required to take a full course load (8 courses). Grade 12’s are required to take 7 courses. If you have 

any questions about the information contained below, please contact your assigned counsellor or vice-principal. 

Course Changes: for students who require amendments to their timetable in order to best meet learning, graduation and post-secondary requirements. These are completed in consultation with the learner, family, counsellor and administration. Online course change forms are available to fill out at the end of August and in January.

Course Withdrawals: for grade 12 students who no longer require the completion of a specific course, after reviewing graduation and post-secondary requirements. 

Course Change


Semester 1

Monday August 28th- Friday September 8th

  • During this time students may drop and add courses based on class availability. This is to be done via an online form.

  • All instructions are emailed directly to students and families

Semester 2

Friday January 22 - Tuesday January, 31st

How to drop a Course

Grade 12 students may withdraw from courses up to 6 weeks prior to a course's end.

  • Students meet with teacher to discuss request

  • Students communicate with parents/guardians

  • Students meet with counsellor

  • Course drop form will be completed with all signatures

  • Withdrawal requests which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Withdrawal requests will not be considered after the 6 weeks prior to a course’s end

Final Course Withdrawal Date

Final Withdrawal Dates

Semester 1: Friday, December 1st, 2023

Semester 2: Friday, May 10th, 2024

  • Students will not be permitted to drop a course from their transcript after this date

  • Transcripts will reflect the grade earned, either a passing mark or an "F" if the course was failed.

School Procedures: Students are required to report to class for attendance and participation purposes until the withdrawal is finalized. Students must ensure that withdrawing from the course will not affect any graduation requirements. Typically only grade 12's are permitted to request a withdrawal from a course.

  (revised September 2023)